Take Charge of Your Health With Annual Wellness Exams

Even when you’re feeling well, annual checkups are important for maintaining your health.

What is an annual wellness exam?

Annual wellness exams (also called yearly checkups or annual physicals) are scheduled with primary care providers to help monitor your overall well-being.

Although annual wellness exams will vary depending on your provider, the following steps are usually involved:

Testing your vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature.

A heart exam, during which your provider listens to your heart with a stethoscope to ensure your heartbeat is regular.

A lung exam, during which your provider will use a stethoscope to check for any disruptions in your breathing.

A head and neck exam, during which your provider may examine your mouth, ears and nose to check for blockages or other issues.

An abdominal check, where your provider might touch and press on your abdomen to identify any unusual bloating or tenderness.

A skin/dermatology check, where your doctor will check for any changes in your moles' color, size or texture or other skin growths. Additionally, your doctor may look at your nails for any abnormalities

A neurological and mental wellness exam, during which your provider might test your reflexes, balance and mental state. They may ask about your work, social life and mood to determine your emotional wellness.

A sexual wellness exam, during which your provider might ask about your sexual history and examine your breasts and/or genitals for any changes.

What are the benefits of an annual wellness exam?

  • Playing a proactive role in your health: Scheduling annual checkups is a way of prioritizing your well-being and staying educated about your body.
  • Preventing illnesses: Wellness exams can help your doctor identify early signs of chronic conditions. From there, your provider can advise you on possibly preventing issues from progressing.
  • Staying vaccinated: During your visit, your doctor may recommend specific immunizations to help protect you from the flu or other common illnesses.
  • Establishing a strong relationship with your provider: If your provider knows your history, it’s easier for them to catch any unusual changes.

Your health is our priority. Make an appointment with one of our compassionate providers to receive your annual wellness exam.